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Pinart. Apiculture made magic

The first word that came to mind after seeing the website was “MAGIC”.

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  • Website Strategy
  • WordPress site dev
  • SEO basic optimization
  • Blog
  • Newsletter


Web Design & Dev


Small Business

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Pinart website

The goal

The client wanted a one-page basic site that would display her business with the professionalism and dedication it deserves.

Process & results

I created a landing page focused on her art of working with apiculture to create different products. To improve her SEO we added a blog page and made sure she had a complete menu on site.

In a matter of 2 weeks she started to receive contact forms with orders for her products.

Pinart website design
Pinart website design
Pinart website design

The first word that came to mind after seeing the website was “MAGIC”. It’s exactly what I was expecting, and I couldn’t name it directly. Elegance, minimalism, aesthetics. The website reflects exactly what I wanted to convey to the audience – professionalism, combined with magic and femininity. Perfect use of images, beautifully matched font colours for each section. Speaking of sections – a tidy, clear business card 🥰.

I have a feeling that when creating this page, the author knew exactly what vision I had in my head and perfectly transferred it to the online world. Now it’s a world richer with another magical gem of 🧡 THANK YOU!


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