Brand & Website Design


Business Name

Hasanah laboratories

Features & deliverables

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Manual
  • Logo in different formats and versions
  • Website Strategy & design
  • Stationery design
  • ID card design
  • Forms and docs design


Brand Identity Design
Web Design



Hasanah-id design
Hasanah envelopes design
Hasanah Brand Manual
Hasanah Company book
Hasanah Company book
Hasanah Company book
Hasanah Company book

The goal

Redesign the company´s brand to fit the new perspective. Hasanah is a laboratory with 3 branches and the name means protection so they wanted to keep the shield abstract shape but have a different approach that could make it feel more friendly and open.

Process & results

I focused on rounded shapes and used transparency to join the 3 branches, referencing one of their main values. I decided to use a color palette that would refer to health, cleanliness and trust and used typefaces that would work well both in Arabic and English.

Hasanah Website design
Hasanah Website design

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