Español en Vivo

2021-2022 – A1 & A2 levels


  • PDF ready for the printer
  • Interactive / fillable PDF


  • InDesign
  • Illustrator

La Mancha is a language school specialized in teaching Spanish located in Gdynia, Poland.

They decided to create a book to make it easier for Polish students of Spanish language to learn it and practice on their own and in the company of amazing literature adaptations.


Learn Spanish Calendar Planner

As a digital designer, it’s rare that I get the opportunity to see my work in real life so I´m very thankful to be a part of this project.

Their linguistics and pedagogy experts created the content and I worked on the internal layout design.

For 6 months we checked everything to make sure every detail was in the right place. After a lot of work both the printed version of the book as well as the digital interactive ebook for levels A1 and A2 are available in the market including downloadable audios to complement it.

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