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The goal

La Mancha is a language school specialized in teaching Spanish located in Gdynia, Poland.

They were interested in creating a hispanic calendar as a tool for students to learn specific words, sayings and fun facts of hispanic culture.

Planner January
Planner La Mancha

Process and results

La Mancha´s team and I had a couple of meetings to align our expectations and discuss the project overview as well as decide on the specific details the calendar should contain.

I researched and developed the content and the design, we included 2 rounds of revisions so I delivered a sample design, we decided on details like having different ways of saying the same phrases on different months, as well as what kind of fun facts and sayings it should contain.

The calendar for 2022 was printed and sold with success so the school owner decided to created a version for teachers and students for the school year of 22-23 and in October 2022 they will open a pre-sale for the Calendar of 2023.

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