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I was contacted to redesign the company´s brand to fit their new perspective.

Moodboard Hasanah


Hasanah is a laboratory with 3 branches and the name means protection so they wanted to keep the shield abstract shape but have a different approach that could make it feel more friendly and open.

For the rebrand I focused on rounded shapes and used transparency to join the 3 branches, referencing one of their main values. I decided to use a color palette that would refer to health, cleanliness, and trust and used typefaces that would work well both in Arabic and English.

ID card design Hasanah
Envelope design Hasanah
Business card design Hasanah
Letterhead Hasanah

Pitch deck

It was important I included both languages (Arabic and English) in the design and still make it look clean, simple and modern so they could use the design for years to come.

Pitch deck cover
Pitch deck index
Pitch deck design
Pitch deck design
Pitch deck design
Pitch deck design

Website design

For the website I created a clean-modern, timeless and smooth design focused on displaying the technology the company counts with, highlighting their new brand.

The design is being developed by a local specialist. 

Website home
Website About
Website services
Website contact

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