About me


 I´m a graphic designer passionate about making dreams come true. I know it sounds cheesy but it´s true. Sometimes you have an idea for your business in your head that you don´t know how to make real… There´s where I come in.

I´m fascinated by how important and necessary it is to be able to communicate an idea in a fast and effective way.

I was born in Venezuela, then I lived in Colombia, Argentina and now, in Poland since 2020 and no, I´m not a spy.

I speak Spanish, English and a little bit of Polish, trust me, I´ve been trying but, it´s quite a challenge, I´ll get there eventually. I know, by experience, nothing good comes easy but when you finally achieve your goal, it´s totally worth it.

When I was little I dreamt about living in a place with snow, about being a teacher, going to Paris, learning how to cook and meeting people from all over the world… I´m very proud to say, I´ve made those dreams come true and I keep adding things to the to-do list every year.

I´m profoundly grateful to be able to do what I´m passionate about and to help other people in my way.

I really appreciate you are thinking of choosing to work with me for your project, please, let me know what can I do for you?